TerraFilm Pro is 100% biodegradable - no composting or costly clean up required. Over time, plowing TerraFilm Pro into your fields at the end of the season can even improve the quality of your soil.


TerraFilm Pro

Plastic mulch films are increasingly popular among farmers because they are proven to improve crop yields by maintaining soil moisture content, regulating soil temperature, and preventing the growth of weeds. However, a major pain for our farmers is that they have to remove these plastic films and dispose of them, costing them precious time and money every year. In addition, without any nationwide effort to manage the plastic mulch film waste, the majority of this plastic ends up in landfills. This can amount to 8 tons of plastic waste for every 100 acres of farmland and there are over 2,000,000 acres of farmland in the US that use these plastic mulch films! This can have devastating effects on the environment.

Our solution to help farmers maintain higher yields and improve the quality of their soils is TerraFilm Pro. This product will use the same biodegradable plastic materials as our TerraFilm and TerraPotta products, but are developed to satisfy the needs of large farming operations. The TerraFilm Pro product line will be offered in various grades that will degrade in 6 to 12 months, allowing farmers to grow multiple times a year.