Our TerraFilm and TerraPotta products will be a cost-effective, environmentally-responsible way to keep your garden lush and free from harmful waste.



Do you love gardening, but hate the amount of time you spend weeding instead of growing awesome food or flowers? Our TerraFilm biodegradable mulch films will be perfect for helping home gardeners  grow more fruits, vegetables, and flowers by maintaining soil moisture content, regulating soil temperature, and preventing the growth of weeds. TerraFilm will be useful for all farming methods, from raised beds to conventional rows, and is easy to use!

The rest of the market is mostly made from oil-based plastics, which have to be removed from the soil every year. So where does this plastic end up? Unfortunately, most of it goes to landfills! The remaining plastic may even be burned, releasing hazardous materials and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Good news is that TerraFilm products are made from a natural waste product from the paper and pulp industry, giving our product the ability to degrade into the soil. This saves every gardener the pain of removing their mulch films and finding safe routes to disposal. On top of all of this, our degrading mulch material will even improve the quality of the soil by providing more stability and body!



Our TerraPotta line of products will use the same biodegradable plastic material as TerraFilm. Instead of throwing away plastic trays, flats, and pots after each growing season, our TerraPotta products can be planted directly in the soil where they will naturally degrade. In addition, you will never hurt your plants by pulling them out of a plastic pot and harming their crucial root structures. All of these TerraPotta products can be planted directly with the plants inside them and will degrade during each growing season. Additionally and similar to TerraFilm, they will improve the structure and stability of the soil, helping your plants reach their full potential!

Other products in the market advertise their products as “compostable.” What this often means is that their products do not degrade in your garden soil and require industrial composting facilities to break down. If these “compostable” pots are planted directly into the soil, they can remain intact for years.


What's next?

In the future, we plan on incorporating organic fertilizers and nutrients into our TerraPotta products, which will further improve the benefits of our products to the home gardener!